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General Science Practice Tests IV

General Science Practice Tests IV

General Science Practice Tests II
General Science Practice Tests

Q31.  Which set of conditions represents the easiest way to liquify a gas ?

  • (a)Low temperature and high pressure
  •  (b)High temperature and low pressure
  • (c)Low temperature and low pressure
  •  (d)High temperature and high pressure

Q32. The substance which conducts current in the solid state is

  • (A) diamond
  • (b) graphite
  •  (c)iodine
  •  (d)sodium chloride

Q33. Gamma rays can cause

  •  (a)gene mutation
  • (b)sneezing
  •  (c)burning
  • (d) fever

Q34. The best conductor of heat among the following is

  • (a) alcohol
  • (b) mercury
  • (c) ether
  • (d) Water

Q35. What principle law explains the working of the hydraulic brakes in automobiles ?

  • (a)Bernoulli’s law
  • (b)Posieulles principle
  • (c)Pascal’s law
  • (d)Archimedes principle

Q36. What is colour of light related to?

  • (a) Amplitude
  • (b) Frequency
  • (c) Quality
  • (d) Velocity

Q37. What is viewed through an electron microscope?

  • (a)Electrons and other elementary particles
  • (b)Structure of bacteria and viruses
  • (c) Inside of human stomach
  • (d) Inside of the human eye

Q38 The instrument that measures and records the relative humidity of air is

  • (a) Hydrometer
  • (b) Hygrometer
  • (c) Lactometer
  • (d) Barometer

Q39. Which combination of colour is the most convenient during day and night time ?

  • (a)Orange and blue
  •  (b)White and black
  • (c)Yellow and blue
  • (d)Red and green

Q40. . What apparatus is used to locate a submerged object?

  • (a)(I)Radar
  • (b)Sonar
  • (c)Quasar
  • (d)Pulsar

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